How it works?

How it works?

Step 1

  • customer and Dispeed determine initial colour – scheme and the
    design of the project,
  • customer sends logos necessary for the project,
  • customer sends cofirmation of the advanced payment of
    35 euro net,
  • Dispeed’s graphic designers send project proposals in 2-4
    working days, final colour scheme is also decided,
  • customer and Dispeed determine final design and colour scheme
    in accordance with Pantone Solid Coated palette

Step 2

  • customer sends exact amount and sizes of the products ordered
    (minimum order is 10 items per first product),
  • customer sends the advance payment equal to 50% of the whole
    order price to Dispeed’s bank account (by making the payment
    the customers agrees to final design and order amount),
  • the project is forwarder for production

Step 3

  • After the final design has been accepted, waiting time is 15-20
    working days.
  • The production process consists of following steps:1) Preparing the project mentioned in Step 1
    2) Cutting out the elements in order to start the printing
    3) Starting sublimation printing
    4) Supervising sublimation printing process
    5) Colouring
    6) Quality control of the pattern and colouring
    7) Sewing
    8) Quality control of the sewn products
    9) Preparing the products for shipment

Step 4

After finishing the production process the client sends the second
part of the payment. We do allow self pickup and payment
on the spot.
Please feel free to rate our brand at: , instagram: dispeed_wear
*the company reserves the right to put Dispeed’s logo in fixed spots
on the clothing . If the client do not wishes to have the brand logo
on the product, the costs of the order increases by 30%.

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Tomasz Antolik

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